There’s a big chance that you will encounter a wide range of escort kinds if you plan to have more than one or a couple of sessions with cheap escorts in your life. There are a number of reasons why women opt to become an escort, and they even have plenty of motivations for keeping their careers. These women came from various backgrounds and they have their own views regarding their careers. While there are unlimited categories for escorts, these are considerably the most popular types:

1. NICHE ESCORT. These are the escorts that offer the not so typical kinds of services and activities that the others will not offer. They tend to have fetishes of their own and may walk on the wild side. She can be your typical escort who has elected to give clients the opportunities to do something they want that are beyond your typical encounters.
2. MATERIAL GIRLS. These escorts are exactly that. They are the ones who are motivated by money. They associate status with material things of value. They are the ones who may be carrying designer hand bags, wears signature and imported shoes and even flaunts designer labels whenever possible. These types of escort usually namedrop, when suitable and always see to it that they get the best whenever she thinks it means.
3. CONVERT. These are the ones who have moved up from being prostitutes to escorts. But since they started out on the streets, their attitude is a bit more ghetto. They tend to ask plenty of questions about who you are and a bit rough on the edges. In addition, they can be a bit suspicious of their clients. They are also very cautious when it comes to their money and belongings.
4. BLUE COLLAR. These types are more likely to be much grounded and have a lot of common sense in them. There’s usually some kind of experience in their life that prompt her to choose the escort profession. It can be that they want a better future for their kids or she simply just want to be more independent.

5. REBEL. These rebellious types are probably the ones who have all the advantages handed out to them growing up but decided to seek out their own path of thrill and excitement. They typically grew tired of always being expected to talk or act a certain boring or respectful way. They simply want to be bad and choses a more crooked way of life.
6. SMART COOKIE. These escorts are very intelligent. They are usually educated and have the skills and abilities to pursue an outstanding career in the industry of their choice. Nonetheless, they realized early on that there are better and smarter ways to earn money aside from slaving away in a corporation. They want to be more flexible and not answer to anyone. These escorts make use of their education and talents to do great things to them. They also tend to be business savvy and a genius in marketing.

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