Men come from a variety of different backgrounds. Most of the time some men fall into a client stereotype, but there are always exceptions. There is certainly a richness of variety among escort clients that cannot be simplified, classified or even categorized. Below are the types of escort clients in a brothel setting:

1. THE CLIENT WHO ALWAYS LOOK FOR A NEW GIRL. These are undesirable clients that exist in the brothel setting. They seek out for girls that are new to the sex industry, to a particular brothel establishment or even those that are new to the city or area. These clients most of the time have a disgusting agenda. The reason they are seeking for a new girl is to simply exploit her, since they think that new girls are not knowledgeable or control of what is allowed and not allowed. These men usually lure innocent new girls to do some sexual acts that they are not comfortable doing.
There are some clients that usually get the ultimate pleasure by performing sexual acts to a woman’s private parts. A pussy lover client goes down to a woman for his own pleasure and not hers. A pussy lover will just go down on a woman without even checking and asking if she is enjoying it or not. These types of clients will not stop licking even after the woman has an orgasm.
3. THE MARRIED NICE GUY. Some of the best clients are these types; they are usually loving, respectful and affectionate. Depending on their likes and fetishes, they may enjoy calls or mature text chat.

4. THE SINGLE, DIVORCED OR BROKE UP WITH A GIRLFRIEND NICE GUY. These clients are usually in their early 20s to the early 40s. Most of the time they are the sweetest and the most considerate clients. They don’t normally see a variety of escorts, call girls or prostitutes, but rather stay loyal to one or two escorts once they connected with them. They don’t typically look for sex elsewhere.
5. THE CLIENT WITH THE MADONNA WHORE COMPLEX. These clients are the ones who want an escort to act like what she is in stereotype; a vulgar whore. These are the ones who like to watch porn and believe that women actually enjoy the kind of sex acts that are degrading and grotesque.
6. THE ASSET MAN. These are clients who are into breasts and asses. The breast man generally falls into two categories; the client who loves huge breasts whether fake or natural and the client who only wants big natural breasts only. The breast men clients usually want to wrap their penises between a woman’s breasts while clients who are into a woman’s behind are more unique. Some simply admire a woman’s ass, while others admire the actual hole, and there are also those who get the ultimate pleasure by licking a woman’s backside entirely. These clients have no desire to necessarily have anal sex; they simply enjoy it as an asset, nothing more nothing less.

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