Many people know the terms high class escort and courtesan and have mentioned them numerous time in the past. But is there a difference? Let’s take a look at the beginning. An escort is a type of prostitution where sexual acts are provided at your preferred place, so in essence the service is escorted to you; therefore the term escort is coined. In other countries it is called as an outcall.


A typical escort in general will mostly offer a sexual service. Most of their clients are most of the time are likely looking for a sexual encounter without any strings attached. They are mostly after satisfying their physical needs. Some clients request for specific sexual acts like anal sex, and they need to pay extra for these requests per booking.

Aside from physical needs, high class London escorts also focuses on the mental needs of their clients. Therefore, this service an escort provide is called a GFE or a Girlfriend Experience. These high class escorts will create an ambiance that is similar to an ideal first date. This GFE will feel intimate, romantic and warm, and because of this nature, dinner dates are mostly common. Sex in this scenario is a normal part of the booking but will not be introduced within the first hour of most bookings.

A courtesan is just like a high class escort in many ways; however, they take the GFE to a different level. She can go to a deeper connection with her clients as well as connect with them on a spiritual level. A courtesan is a lady before anything else; she is also sophisticated, highly educated, confident as well as a talented entertainer on many levels, from the social to the erotic.


Majority of regular escorts charge around $200 to $400 an hour and are booked on an hourly basis. It is rare to have extended bookings and most bookings are usually an hour. While most high class escorts charge around $300 an hour and they require at least a minimum booking of 2 hours. A courtesan’s hourly rate will not be that higher than the rates of a high class escort, but it is not all custom with a courtesan to just have a few hours. A courtesan usually does extended bookings and dinner dates as well as joins her clients on their international trips regularly. Regular escorts tend to accept as many clients as possible, while with courtesan there is very high exclusivity. Aside from these, a regular escort get tips from their clients, with courtesans; they will be spoiled with luxury gifts.


High class escorts in general are not more attractive than regular escorts. However, she presents herself very differently. People may think that an escort dresses provocatively and too sexy in short skirts and dresses that shows a lot of cleavage, but that is far from the truth. Most regular escorts will typically dress in a pair of jeans and t-shirt. A high class escort and courtesan on the other hand, will dress to kill but always in an appropriate and conservative manner.

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